Hello, Again! We are back from Holiday, and couldn’t be more excited about our big announcement regarding some changes happening here at Texas Hold’em Bingo!

We spent the last month and half of summer preparing our new play-for-money game! That’s right, our players can now gamble using real cash, with some excellent odds of winning! What’s even better is that we are keeping our free game up as an option to players who just want to play a little more leisurely. 

So, let’s talk incentives.

We’ve prided ourselves on not being like other traditional online bingo games, and we sure aren’t about to start.  We decided what would be fair to our players is offering two games, rather than take away a free game, and offer a sign on “bonus” to play for cash.  Most games have promotional deals for new customers saying they will give an amount of anywhere between $5-$25 to play their game.  While this may seem enticing at first, we see a few major problems with it.

1) Is that cash really yours?

Both rationally and inherently, the players know the answer is NO.  We have yet to see a game let its players take that sign-up incentive in check form, and keep it for themselves.  It’s only to be used as a small boost to make it feel like one has more in the game, and therefore more time to play.   While the amount may seem negligent, we’re not down with anyone offering us cash, when it’s not.

2) What about long time players?

So you signed up, got a $15 boost on your first round, and now you’ve been playing 3 months and there are no incentives left.  What now? Time to move onto a new game that will have better offers, and maybe better odds.  How exhausting!

Here at Texas Hold’em Bingo, we recognize our long time players love our free game, and it’s weekly tournament to win $100 cash! We want to continue offering these benefits to retain players, while also having a game to play for bigger earnings. This is why we we’re offering both, because players can switch back and fourth and increase their odds of winning significantly!

Simply Put…

We don’t offer a sign up bonus, but with a free game that offers REAL cash prizes, and a game to play for money, we figured there are more chances to win than what one might find with other games out there.

We thank you for continuing to be a part of our bingo journey, and hope you find this news just as exciting as we do! As always, we love feedback, and you can comment or email us your thoughts at info@texasholdembingo.com


We would like to start off by saying “Congratulations” to our first place winner of our Month of May Tournament! It was a tough race, and we thank everyone for playing, and hope that you will continue to play our free bingo game in the future!  We always like to mention how our game is free to sign up, free to play, and there is absolutely no wait time to play the game!

As a way to thank our new players (and old loyal fans) we decided to run a new contest, but a little different from the last one…

This June we would like to announce our #playtexasholdembingo contest on Instagram!  Here’s how to win our giveaway for a $100 Visa giftcard:

If you have an Instagram account already, please follow @texasholdembingo …if you do not, get signed up via the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Now here comes the fun and creative part! Please take a picture of either your favorite part of our game, you winning Bingo on our game, or something you like about our opening page!  Feel free to get creative as you want, just please center it around http://www.texasholdembingo.com

Once you take a picture you like, use the hashtag #playtexasholdembingo to submit your entry!  Only one entry can be submitted per user.  Winner will be chosen randomly on the last day of June 2013.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at info@texasholdembingo.com and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the contest!  Good luck, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

-The Texas Holdem Bingo Team

When it comes to the world of online services, over the past 5 years we have seen major integration of online gaming into daily lives. “Gamification” is the process of making any service function more like a game, allowing users of services to earn points or credits that may traded in for prizes and rewards. Additionally, while games formerly were single, or perhaps  two player experiences, now they are all massively multiplayer online experiences (MMO’s).

Since games are now such global, connected experiences, unique and exciting economies have sprung up between players and game providers. Companies benefit because instead of selling games as relatively expensive, single experiences that are played on a game console not connected to the internet, they sell games a little bit as a time in what are referred to as micro-transactions. Instead of asking a player to cough up $60 for a full immersive product that is played for hours at a time, a game company can as a player for small fees ranging from £1 to £20 that deliver some smaller piece of experience. Over time this actually generates more money for the company that simply selling a product, while it allows players to spread the cost of their game experience purchasing out.

Additionally, due to the value of the economies these companies are able to create, many players have been able to intercept streams of income present in these massive games. There are players all over the world that make livings by buying in-game objects and selling them within the game as well, all from their own homes. In fact, some of these operations become so large scale, that they even leave the home and rent offices!

Because of this trend, gaming is no longer restricted to the stereotypical teen and university aged male, but instead is an increasingly universal passtime for both sexes and all age ranges. As more people come into digital gaming, they bring their preferences for old standby games they used to play in the physical world. Board games, card games, dice, games of chance, and especially Bingo.

News organizations such as BBC have even covered the fact that more and more Bingo halls are closing down due to the massive wave of people playing online.

Online Bingo has quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the new wave of mainstream gaming. It is to play since it does not require a large time investment. Players can play 1 game over the space of a few minutes, while if interested can play for longer just by playing multiple games. Since playing is not going to demand hours of investment, it becomes easy to play a quick game when you feel like, and then going back to what you were doing. Great for a quick break at work or school when you find yourself with 10 minutes or so.

To celebrate this new spirit of gaming, where participating gives the player opportunity, and to thank our current players we are halfway through our free Month of May tournament. Though free to play, winning will pay you $500 (£325)! We still have half a month left, don’t miss your chance to have fun and win big. Texas Hold’em Bingo is the way to go for May!

Between our Social Media Manager taking a stab at the game, and hearing from all of our fans on what they would like to see changed, we have strongly taken into consideration everything suggested by all, and recently updated our site!  We couldn’t be happier about the new interface, and thinks it does a much better job reflecting jut how awesome our game really is.  (To anyone who might be concerned- no, we did NOT change the game, only the front end of our website.)

The New Look

The New Look

As we pride ourselves on being “the next generation in online bingo” it is important for us to stay current.  Hold’em Bingo was designed for the player in mind- no wait time to start a game (just register, login, and PLAY!), offering “bad beats” (one away from Bingo? No problem, you still get a prize), and a free tournament which offers real cash payouts at the end of each week.  Despite April starting off the month with April Fool’s Day, we really aren’t kidding you when we say we had our players interest at heart when designing Texas Hold’em Bingo.

We also joined another amazing social media platform, Instagram! Our game is so visually enticing, we thought it would be a perfect way to connect with our players!  If you want to snap a screen shot of your winning Bingo screen, you can tag us!


Stick around the month of April, as we continue to offer our weekly free tournament  add more daily tournaments, and possibly a play for money game (shhh… you didn’t hear it from us!)


As the newly hired Social Media Manager for Texas Hold’em Bingo, it was my job to market this new game the world has yet to be acquainted with.   Therefore, it only made sense that the first thing I would do was play the game.  I am not the type of person to market and idea or product if I can’t get behind it.  If I hated the game, I would have a difficult time trying to reach an audience telling them it was the “est thing the ever played”, so my feedback was necessary for me to do my job.

Before I go any further, I’d like to explain how strongly I feel about sharing my reviews with all of you.  It’s not everyday I personally put myself out in front for a client I’m working with, but to be completely honest, this game is worth it.

photo (4)

That’s me.

When I first logged into the site, I was a bit confused by what was going on (which I alerted my team right away, and we have spent the past week re-doing certain aspects of the site).  While the opening page initially did not jump out to me as something that would attract me as a female (there is a certain masculine element in the design) I was always told by my mum to never judge a book by it’s cover.

It took a few rounds for me to catch onto the game.  I am not sure if this was because of the game or because I am not an avid Bingo player.  I have a feeling that for those who do play Bingo often, they can easily grasp the game.  By my third round, I was hooked.  The game runs at a fast pace, where during the time the balls are spinning, you must decide to either drop or keep your cards.  I got the hang of it, and was surprised by how easily I was winning! Perhaps I’m a “natural” but I think it has something more likely to do with the fact that this game is really designed to entertain its players.  There are a lot of gaming sites that just want to take your money, and don’t give their players a long enough game.  To me, this felt like the right amount of time offered per round, and allowed for extensive gaming time without having to dig deep holes into one’s pockets.


All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the game.  I encourage everyone to give it a shot, because I think it’s different from your average online bingo game.  As the person now in charge of our online image, I ask our readers and players to reach out to me and the team with any questions or comments- as we would appreciate your input.  I would love a chance to publish some of your responses, so please feel free to provide us with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!


Though the world’s political system continuously changes on its surface, many scholars argue the British Empire still exists as an underground network of influence, customs, and practices.

The beginning of true British hegemony can be seen in the industrial revolution powered by steam and coal, coupled with the economic revolution made possible by double entry ledger book keeping, and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.


By fundamentally altering the way goods were produced, the British were able to massively outproduce all other powers. This tremendous advantage spread British culture, customs and practices far and wide.

English is now the most widely used language in the world for scientific research, with 95% of all articles published in English. Capitalism is also now a worldwide phenomenon, with even Russia and China integrated into the system. The corporation, the British Empire’s most powerful invention, is arguably now the most important economic actor of the day.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention our favorite imprint we left on the world: Bingo.

Though it sounds a bit odd to think of Bingo as the inheritor of the Imperial legacy, just look at who plays. Bingo adoption is highest in England, The Philippines, The United States, India, and Australia. By the early 1700’s Bingo had made its way to England, starting 250 years earlier in Italian, and then French games of chance usually targeted to the more aristocratic groups.

It wasn’t until these games merged with the Empire’s powerful capitalist economy, the only of its type in the world at the time. The simplicity of the game combined with the largest disposable income ever produced, and spread Bingo far and wide.

Texas Hold’em Bingo follows that tradition by accompanying the game as it made its way to the Colonial USA, and then to the interior of North America, to a unique place called Texas. Interesting to note that even the cowboys have a little bit of the British Empire still in them.  

Already into our second week of our free online tournament, and we have players wining left and right!  If you didn’t see the announcement from earlier this week, we have our winners listed here:

1st place: bigmike $200

2nd place: bulletsmum $100

3rd place: angela444 $50

Congrats to our lovely winners, and good luck to our players in this week’s tournament.  As we have mentioned, this tournament will be going on through the end of the month!  Can’t beat playing for free, and winning cash prizes!

Speaking of winning, we always like to say “good luck” but is that really it? We know in certain games such as poker, or chess it takes strategy and skill, but does Bingo require the same amount of mental focus?

According to some sources, the answer is yes!  At Freegamebingo.com they seems to follow the words of Joseph E. Granville, a former mathematical analyst  who put his efforts towards figuring out strategy for winning Bingo.  He narrows it down to 3 things- patterns in the game, the relationship between the winning Bingo numbers and the master board, and finally the amount of cards one plays.


Joseph E. Granville Pictured Above

He goes on to say that the amount of cards played can reflect one’s odds of winning, and that some people think that more cards equals a better chance of winning, but this is not always the case.  We can agree with Granville on this, as we have incorporated the ability to drop cards at anytime during our game.  That’s why we call ourselves Texas Hold’em because you can chose to hold cards or drop them.

We think of our game as giving the player the ability to use strategy, and make the most of their play.  While we can all agree that winning real money is what draws us to gambling, we cannot forget about the fun factor.  Most people do not risk their lives doing dangerous stunts just for a buck, but surely we so no real problem playing a game that is not only entertaining, but gives us the opportunity to win big.  Which is why we’ve tried to make the most of our game, and are not just another Bingo game looking to drain our customers.  We want people back, loyalty if you will, and to help us spread the word that we offer a fair, fun and strategic game.