Already into our second week of our free online tournament, and we have players wining left and right!  If you didn’t see the announcement from earlier this week, we have our winners listed here:

1st place: bigmike $200

2nd place: bulletsmum $100

3rd place: angela444 $50

Congrats to our lovely winners, and good luck to our players in this week’s tournament.  As we have mentioned, this tournament will be going on through the end of the month!  Can’t beat playing for free, and winning cash prizes!

Speaking of winning, we always like to say “good luck” but is that really it? We know in certain games such as poker, or chess it takes strategy and skill, but does Bingo require the same amount of mental focus?

According to some sources, the answer is yes!  At they seems to follow the words of Joseph E. Granville, a former mathematical analyst  who put his efforts towards figuring out strategy for winning Bingo.  He narrows it down to 3 things- patterns in the game, the relationship between the winning Bingo numbers and the master board, and finally the amount of cards one plays.


Joseph E. Granville Pictured Above

He goes on to say that the amount of cards played can reflect one’s odds of winning, and that some people think that more cards equals a better chance of winning, but this is not always the case.  We can agree with Granville on this, as we have incorporated the ability to drop cards at anytime during our game.  That’s why we call ourselves Texas Hold’em because you can chose to hold cards or drop them.

We think of our game as giving the player the ability to use strategy, and make the most of their play.  While we can all agree that winning real money is what draws us to gambling, we cannot forget about the fun factor.  Most people do not risk their lives doing dangerous stunts just for a buck, but surely we so no real problem playing a game that is not only entertaining, but gives us the opportunity to win big.  Which is why we’ve tried to make the most of our game, and are not just another Bingo game looking to drain our customers.  We want people back, loyalty if you will, and to help us spread the word that we offer a fair, fun and strategic game.