Between our Social Media Manager taking a stab at the game, and hearing from all of our fans on what they would like to see changed, we have strongly taken into consideration everything suggested by all, and recently updated our site!  We couldn’t be happier about the new interface, and thinks it does a much better job reflecting jut how awesome our game really is.  (To anyone who might be concerned- no, we did NOT change the game, only the front end of our website.)

The New Look

The New Look

As we pride ourselves on being “the next generation in online bingo” it is important for us to stay current.  Hold’em Bingo was designed for the player in mind- no wait time to start a game (just register, login, and PLAY!), offering “bad beats” (one away from Bingo? No problem, you still get a prize), and a free tournament which offers real cash payouts at the end of each week.  Despite April starting off the month with April Fool’s Day, we really aren’t kidding you when we say we had our players interest at heart when designing Texas Hold’em Bingo.

We also joined another amazing social media platform, Instagram! Our game is so visually enticing, we thought it would be a perfect way to connect with our players!  If you want to snap a screen shot of your winning Bingo screen, you can tag us!


Stick around the month of April, as we continue to offer our weekly free tournament  add more daily tournaments, and possibly a play for money game (shhh… you didn’t hear it from us!)