When it comes to the world of online services, over the past 5 years we have seen major integration of online gaming into daily lives. “Gamification” is the process of making any service function more like a game, allowing users of services to earn points or credits that may traded in for prizes and rewards. Additionally, while games formerly were single, or perhaps  two player experiences, now they are all massively multiplayer online experiences (MMO’s).

Since games are now such global, connected experiences, unique and exciting economies have sprung up between players and game providers. Companies benefit because instead of selling games as relatively expensive, single experiences that are played on a game console not connected to the internet, they sell games a little bit as a time in what are referred to as micro-transactions. Instead of asking a player to cough up $60 for a full immersive product that is played for hours at a time, a game company can as a player for small fees ranging from £1 to £20 that deliver some smaller piece of experience. Over time this actually generates more money for the company that simply selling a product, while it allows players to spread the cost of their game experience purchasing out.

Additionally, due to the value of the economies these companies are able to create, many players have been able to intercept streams of income present in these massive games. There are players all over the world that make livings by buying in-game objects and selling them within the game as well, all from their own homes. In fact, some of these operations become so large scale, that they even leave the home and rent offices!

Because of this trend, gaming is no longer restricted to the stereotypical teen and university aged male, but instead is an increasingly universal passtime for both sexes and all age ranges. As more people come into digital gaming, they bring their preferences for old standby games they used to play in the physical world. Board games, card games, dice, games of chance, and especially Bingo.

News organizations such as BBC have even covered the fact that more and more Bingo halls are closing down due to the massive wave of people playing online.

Online Bingo has quickly emerged as one of the leaders in the new wave of mainstream gaming. It is to play since it does not require a large time investment. Players can play 1 game over the space of a few minutes, while if interested can play for longer just by playing multiple games. Since playing is not going to demand hours of investment, it becomes easy to play a quick game when you feel like, and then going back to what you were doing. Great for a quick break at work or school when you find yourself with 10 minutes or so.

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