Hello, Again! We are back from Holiday, and couldn’t be more excited about our big announcement regarding some changes happening here at Texas Hold’em Bingo!

We spent the last month and half of summer preparing our new play-for-money game! That’s right, our players can now gamble using real cash, with some excellent odds of winning! What’s even better is that we are keeping our free game up as an option to players who just want to play a little more leisurely. 

So, let’s talk incentives.

We’ve prided ourselves on not being like other traditional online bingo games, and we sure aren’t about to start.  We decided what would be fair to our players is offering two games, rather than take away a free game, and offer a sign on “bonus” to play for cash.  Most games have promotional deals for new customers saying they will give an amount of anywhere between $5-$25 to play their game.  While this may seem enticing at first, we see a few major problems with it.

1) Is that cash really yours?

Both rationally and inherently, the players know the answer is NO.  We have yet to see a game let its players take that sign-up incentive in check form, and keep it for themselves.  It’s only to be used as a small boost to make it feel like one has more in the game, and therefore more time to play.   While the amount may seem negligent, we’re not down with anyone offering us cash, when it’s not.

2) What about long time players?

So you signed up, got a $15 boost on your first round, and now you’ve been playing 3 months and there are no incentives left.  What now? Time to move onto a new game that will have better offers, and maybe better odds.  How exhausting!

Here at Texas Hold’em Bingo, we recognize our long time players love our free game, and it’s weekly tournament to win $100 cash! We want to continue offering these benefits to retain players, while also having a game to play for bigger earnings. This is why we we’re offering both, because players can switch back and fourth and increase their odds of winning significantly!

Simply Put…

We don’t offer a sign up bonus, but with a free game that offers REAL cash prizes, and a game to play for money, we figured there are more chances to win than what one might find with other games out there.

We thank you for continuing to be a part of our bingo journey, and hope you find this news just as exciting as we do! As always, we love feedback, and you can comment or email us your thoughts at info@texasholdembingo.com