Today’s Bingo game has come a long way since playing on cards and using stamps to mark out boxes across the board.  Obviously it is no surprise our beloved game has gone virtual, but what is next for BINGO?


With it’s popularity the highest in the UK almost more than anywhere else, players are constantly looking to get hooked on new games. There are new Bingo sites popping up everyday, but what distinguishes them from the next?  There are already the major and trusted names in the online gaming world, so how does one game define itself as the next big thing in BINGO?

The answer: changing the game around.

The future of online Bingo rests in the hands of those daring enough to take the traditional game in a new direction.  To keep players satisfied, there have to be some interesting rules, a challenge, and of course better odds.  Where can such a game be found?

Texas Hold’em Bingo is that game.


In the early 2000’s all one could hear was the name “Texas Hold’em Poker”, as it’s popularity had risen and regular Poker was a game of the past. From novice gamers to poker champions- everyone wanted in on this new challenge.  It was refreshing, and a twist on Poker that was needed to draw crowds.

Our engineers at Texas Hold’em Bingo had been thinking along those lines, and wondered if there was anyway to apply Texas Hold’em to a Bingo game- turned out, it was totally possible! How?

Here’s how it works: as a gamer you have the ability to hold your cards, or drop them as you race against the clock.  You have to make quick decisions before the numbers spin if you want to keep cards or not.  It is an interesting concept to say the least, and requires some skill (once you get the hang of it).


We’ve also thought of the player, and wanted to offer better odds.  This is where our “Bad Beat” comes in.  A bad beat is where the player is one spot away from winning BINGO on a board, and we just give them BINGO anyway.  We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt.  No other BINGO game offers such good odds, and will keep you playing a long and fulfilling game!

We think we’ve covered the initial bases, and hope everyone gets a chance to play our game, and of course- keep coming back! We’re always opened to suggestions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments.