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As the newly hired Social Media Manager for Texas Hold’em Bingo, it was my job to market this new game the world has yet to be acquainted with.   Therefore, it only made sense that the first thing I would do was play the game.  I am not the type of person to market and idea or product if I can’t get behind it.  If I hated the game, I would have a difficult time trying to reach an audience telling them it was the “est thing the ever played”, so my feedback was necessary for me to do my job.

Before I go any further, I’d like to explain how strongly I feel about sharing my reviews with all of you.  It’s not everyday I personally put myself out in front for a client I’m working with, but to be completely honest, this game is worth it.

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That’s me.

When I first logged into the site, I was a bit confused by what was going on (which I alerted my team right away, and we have spent the past week re-doing certain aspects of the site).  While the opening page initially did not jump out to me as something that would attract me as a female (there is a certain masculine element in the design) I was always told by my mum to never judge a book by it’s cover.

It took a few rounds for me to catch onto the game.  I am not sure if this was because of the game or because I am not an avid Bingo player.  I have a feeling that for those who do play Bingo often, they can easily grasp the game.  By my third round, I was hooked.  The game runs at a fast pace, where during the time the balls are spinning, you must decide to either drop or keep your cards.  I got the hang of it, and was surprised by how easily I was winning! Perhaps I’m a “natural” but I think it has something more likely to do with the fact that this game is really designed to entertain its players.  There are a lot of gaming sites that just want to take your money, and don’t give their players a long enough game.  To me, this felt like the right amount of time offered per round, and allowed for extensive gaming time without having to dig deep holes into one’s pockets.


All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the game.  I encourage everyone to give it a shot, because I think it’s different from your average online bingo game.  As the person now in charge of our online image, I ask our readers and players to reach out to me and the team with any questions or comments- as we would appreciate your input.  I would love a chance to publish some of your responses, so please feel free to provide us with your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!



Though the world’s political system continuously changes on its surface, many scholars argue the British Empire still exists as an underground network of influence, customs, and practices.

The beginning of true British hegemony can be seen in the industrial revolution powered by steam and coal, coupled with the economic revolution made possible by double entry ledger book keeping, and Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.


By fundamentally altering the way goods were produced, the British were able to massively outproduce all other powers. This tremendous advantage spread British culture, customs and practices far and wide.

English is now the most widely used language in the world for scientific research, with 95% of all articles published in English. Capitalism is also now a worldwide phenomenon, with even Russia and China integrated into the system. The corporation, the British Empire’s most powerful invention, is arguably now the most important economic actor of the day.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention our favorite imprint we left on the world: Bingo.

Though it sounds a bit odd to think of Bingo as the inheritor of the Imperial legacy, just look at who plays. Bingo adoption is highest in England, The Philippines, The United States, India, and Australia. By the early 1700’s Bingo had made its way to England, starting 250 years earlier in Italian, and then French games of chance usually targeted to the more aristocratic groups.

It wasn’t until these games merged with the Empire’s powerful capitalist economy, the only of its type in the world at the time. The simplicity of the game combined with the largest disposable income ever produced, and spread Bingo far and wide.

Texas Hold’em Bingo follows that tradition by accompanying the game as it made its way to the Colonial USA, and then to the interior of North America, to a unique place called Texas. Interesting to note that even the cowboys have a little bit of the British Empire still in them.